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So Many Feels!

First up – Gu Family Book episode 1:

Gu Family Book Ep 01 2

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Currently Airing: That Winter, the 똥 Hit the Fan

That Winter Poster

I fell behind in my weekly watching of That Winter, the Wind that Blows and just caught up today.  Well, almost caught up.  I’m waiting for the subs to reach 100% at Viki so I can watch ep 13.  Spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you object to such. Continue reading

TW Actor: Ming Dao

Ming Dao 4

My first Ming Dao drama was Magicians of Love and I recently finished watching my second one, Prince Who Turns Into a Frog.  In both dramas, I found Ming Dao to be a pretty decent actor.  His characters were the standard cold chaebol (in Kdrama terms, cause I don’t know the TW equivalent).  Based on what I’ve seen in the two dramas, I think it’s safe to say that Ming Dao is one of the better TW actors I’ve seen.  He’s not at Vic Zhou’s level, but his acting and line delivery is more natural than many others.  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a real cutie pie. Continue reading

Drama Thoughts: Prince Turns Into A Frog (TW Drama, 2005)

Prince Frog 2

Amnesia.  One of the most overdone tropes in drama-land.  On occasion, when it fits into the context of the story, it can be a useful storytelling tool.  But too often it’s used as a plot device whose sole purpose is to keep the OTP apart so that the drama can be stretched a few more episodes.

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Drama Thoughts: Devil Beside You (TW Drama, 2005)

Devil Beside You

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