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Cookbooks, Ethnic Markets, and Growing My Own Stuff

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My interest in ethnic food isn’t just limited to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisines.  A cousin took me to my first Thai restaurant nearly a decade ago, and during my college internship years I was introduced to Indian, Greek, and Middle Eastern dishes, thanks to fellow interns from around the world.  My own heritage is Scots-Irish, with a little Jewish, Armenian, and Lord only knows what else thrown in. Continue reading


Ddukbokki Times Two

My daughter’s friend loves to watch the videos at Eat Your Kimchi, especially the food related videos.  She saw the video about ddukbokki and has had a hankering to try some ever since.  My daughter ever-so-graciously offered to have me make some for her to try.

Here’s the thing: I’ve made several attempts at ddukbokki, with various degrees of success, but none that would make me go “Wow! I could eat this every day!”  I’ve tried four completely different recipes, hoping to find one that would let me understand why the dish is so popular. Continue reading

Introduction – Cooking Asian Food

Growing up in the deep south, I was raised to eat a variety of vegetables and to appreciate the home-grown kind.  We ate wild game and fish caught in the river.  A typical meal at my house would include a meat, 2-3 vegetables, potatoes or rice, gravy, and cornbread.  And sweet tea.  Can’t forget the sweet tea.

Like my mom, though, I was always willing to try something new.  My first taste of Asian food happened when I was about 12, at a Chinese restaurant in the city where my aunt lived.  Cashew chicken.  It was so good!  And my love of Chinese food was born.

Continue reading