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So Many Feels!

First up – Gu Family Book episode 1:

Gu Family Book Ep 01 2

What a way to start a drama!  Continue reading



I know that Dramafever issued an apology and rescinded the DMCA notice to Dramabeans, but this issue isn’t just about DB.  DF’s heavy-handed tactics took down blogs with soft subs and recaps of Answer Me 1997 last year…and if I understand correctly, both are covered under fair use.  There was no apology issued to Mister X, nor was the DMCA rescinded for his blog.

I did my part by emailing DF and posting a comment to their apology, which to be honest I found a bit lacking.  I’ve un-liked DF on facebook and un-followed them on twitter.  I only hope the Kdrama community doesn’t forget about this for a long, long time, and that when DF pulls another stunt like this (and they will, you can bet on it) the community with be just as vocal and won’t stand for DF’s behavior.

Awesome Quotes

“When he runs, it looks like two possums fightin’ over a dead squirrel in a ‘to sack.”
~Jase (Duck Dynasty)

Test Post

Trying out my new Kindle Fire. I call it the poor man’s iPad, but quite seriously so far I am thrilled with it. After installing the requisite solitaire games, the next thing I did was install the Viki app. Then I promptly figured out how to load my downloaded dramas and watch them. With my iPod touch, I had to not only resize and reformat, but I also had to hardsub any dramas I put on it. A thousand cheers cause I don’t have to do that with my kindle! The video apps play most video formats and work with softsubs!! I are a very happy camper 😀

Required Reading

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