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How I Watch Dramas

3 types of addict

Let me insert a caveat here at the beginning: I am not going to delve into the legality (or lack thereof) of streaming vs. downloading; I’m sure any reader of this post will already be familiar with such matters.  This isn’t a post that’s intended to convince you that one is better than the other, or that you should do this instead of that.  This is simply an explanation of how I choose to watch dramas and why. Continue reading


So Many Feels!

First up – Gu Family Book episode 1:

Gu Family Book Ep 01 2

What a way to start a drama!  Continue reading

Asian Drama Addiction: The Beginning – Discovering Japanese Dramas

I discovered Japanese dramas quite by accident.  I was searching for manga scanlations when I came across a video of a “live action” adaptation of a manga.  Curiosity piqued, I watched it.  It was cheesy and corny and ridiculous – and I loved it.

Vampire Host
My first Jdrama – Vampire Host

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