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Currently Airing: That Winter, the 똥 Hit the Fan

That Winter Poster

I fell behind in my weekly watching of That Winter, the Wind that Blows and just caught up today.  Well, almost caught up.  I’m waiting for the subs to reach 100% at Viki so I can watch ep 13.  Spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you object to such. Continue reading


Flower Boy Next Door Ep 11

Guh…this show….

This episode was awesome in so many ways, but the last few minutes erased my thoughts on everything that had gone on before.  (spoiler warning)

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Currently Airing: Flower Boy Next Door

Episodes Completed: 6 of 16

Park Shin Hye is knocking it out of the park as Dok Mi.  Enrique is too adorable for words.  Jin Rok…er, this is a public blog.  Some things are best left private.

It’s amazing to me how hair styles and clothes – and being in character of course – affects my perception of an actor or actress, especially when it’s my first time seeing them.  Take for example, Yoon Shi Yoon: Continue reading