So Many Feels!

First up – Gu Family Book episode 1:

Gu Family Book Ep 01 2

What a way to start a drama!  Episode 1 had my gut churning, because they didn’t shy away from the ugly.  No easy fixes here.  But in spite of the dark and knowing how it’s going to turn out, I’m so looking forward to more of Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung’s romance.  I also lovelovelovelovelove that Wol Ryung gets to show off his supernatural powers – and not just being able to jump from tree to tree (which he does).  Check this out:

Gu Family Book Ep 01 3Very cool.

Can’t wait for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy to make their appearance and drown me in the cute, but I can tell already I’m gonna bawl my eyes out over Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung.  Hey Drama Overlords!  How about a nice fantasy sageuk romance like this but without a tragic ending?  Pretty please?


Next I watched the special for Rich Man, Poor Woman.

Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York 1

Feels, feels, and more feels!  Makoto and Tohru, just admit you love each other, can’t live without each other, and make beautiful little genius babies!!!

This special was absolutely wonderful.  With someone of Tohru’s personality, it isn’t hard to imagine how difficult it would be for him to adjust to living with someone as different from him as Makoto.  The giddiness of seeing each other after being apart, the adjusting, the fighting, the breaking up…it was all so poignantly real, I literally felt pangs of joy and hurt for them.  I think that’s a testament of how great a job Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi did in their roles.  I never saw the actors, just the characters.  If there’s ever a season 2, I would be one happy white girl.


Sunny Happiness 2

In Sunny Happiness news: the 720p raws I have downloaded only had subs for episodes 1 – 11.  The subbing group was supposedly going to finish, but it’s been almost 2 years so yeah, I’m not holding out much hope.  Thankfully, Viki subbed the show (I love you Viki!), so I’m taking softsubs of Viki’s subs (thank you Zenith!) and retiming them to fit my HD raws as I watch.  It’s frustrating because I’ve discovered that the videos I have are missing entire scenes – sometimes the missing scene isn’t necessary and I’m even happy to do without it, but sometimes the scenes provide important dialogue.

I’m uploading the subs as I retime them to asiatorrents.  If I get any interest here, I might could be convinced to share them here.


2 responses to “So Many Feels!

  1. Gooddrama has the complete Sunny Happiness English subbed.

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