TW Actor: Mike He

So I’m feeling the Mike He love right now, which means a post in which I talk about his dramas and what I think and it’s basically an excuse to spazz.

Mike He 4*Commence Spazzing*

As I mentioned before, my first TW drama was Love Keeps Going (actually the second, if you want to get technical, but it was the first one I finished).  I had no idea who Mike He was at the time.  I noticed some fangirly type comments about him when people recommended the drama, but I was clueless, as all newbies are when they first step into a new drama land.

And as I said before, I wasn’t impressed.  It seemed as though he shouted all of his lines, and his line delivery seemed choppy.  He was definitely cute enough, and the make-out scenes were nigh unto shocking compared to Kdramas, and the story was interesting enough to keep me watching until the WTH end.  But I definitely did not end the drama going “I NEED TO WATCH ALL HIS DRAMAS!!” (like I did with Mizushima Hiro and Lee Min Ho and Vic Zhou and about 386 other Asian actors).

Delving more into the TW drama world exposed me to more fangirling over Mike, which made me wonder if his acting – actually, it wasn’t really his acting so much as just his line delivery – was a directing problem, and not his usual style.

Let me insert here that I didn’t find his acting lacking.  Did he overact at times?  Yes, but I’ve come to realize that’s a basic characteristic of all TW dramas, barring a very, very few.  But I did think he was a good actor.  It was the way he spoke his lines that bothered me.  Sentences were chopped and sometimes felt stilted and forced, and he spoke with a raised voice.  All the time.

So I decided to watch one of his older, more popular shows.  Devil Beside You showed me what all the fuss was about, and made me a fan.  He still had the same choppy line delivery (and he’s not the only one, so please don’t think I’m picking on just Mike), but he didn’t yell, and that made a lot of difference.

By this point I knew the dramas Mike He was most famous for.  Besides LKG and DBY, there was Love Contract, Marry Me, Why Why Love, and Sunny Happiness to name a few.  I followed up DBY with Why Why Love because of the cast, but I ended up fast-forwarding through the last three episodes.

I’d gathered that the general consensus was that Sunny Happiness was one of his best dramas, so I’ve been anticipating watching it.  I started it a couple of days ago and I have to say, I am really loving it.  And so far, Mike He is definitely at his best, at least of what I’ve seen.

After a year of watching TW dramas, I’m beginning to think that the choppy line delivery isn’t the fault of the actors or actresses; I’m starting to suspect it has more to do with the actual language itself and how they are trained/directed to speak their lines.  But then I remember that I’ve watched several dramas with actors/actresses that don’t speak so choppily: Vic Zhou, Ming Dao, Berlin Chen to name a few.  So I don’t know what’s up.

Whatever it is, it’s not going to stop me from watching more TW dramas.  In fact, I just today discovered that Mike has a drama that’s currently airing – Mei Ren Long Tang, also called Spring Love.  The nine episodes that have aired are now in my download cue.  I don’t have a clue as to whether it’s any good or not.  I haven’t found (yet) any discussions about it.  All I can say is that I hope the ending doesn’t implode and he doesn’t yell his lines 🙂


12 responses to “TW Actor: Mike He

  1. How about Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao?
    I love that drama so much but my sister just laughs and mimes basketball moves when I threaten (yes, threaten) her to watch it. 😦

  2. The only TW drama I’ve watched is Sunny Happiness, and I fell in love with Mike Hee. He is just too adorable. Thanks for reminding me!

    • I finished Sunny Happiness a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. It cemented him as one of my top favorite TW actors. I’m now watching Bull Fighting and I’m downloading Spring Love (where he plays twins! Double the Mike for your money!!!) But what I’m more excited about is another drama he filmed that I can’t find, where he plays a competitive swimmer who ends up becoming a chef. Maybe it hasn’t aired yet.

      • That’s Refueling Mother (Jia You Ma Ma). It’s a 76 episode mainland drama that came out last October. As far as I know, there’s no English subs for that yet but let us know if you find one! If you want to watch the raw version, just Google 加油妈妈.

      • Thanks for the info! I’d found the name a few days ago but I didn’t know it was a mainland drama, nor did I know it was 76 episodes long. Wow! I haven’t watched anything past 30 episodes, though I am planning to watch You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin, but only because I adore the cast. Still, this is Mike He we’re talking about so I don’t think I’d have any problem watching 76 eps of him 😀 It’s too bad it’s not subbed, though.

  3. GIRL! “….and about 386 other Asian actors” LOL My pedinoona factor is somewhat off the charts thanks to your bad influence! If you recall, just over 5 months ago I adamantly stated I didn’t go in for younger men. Gee, thanks, friend! Last week, (hubby) looked at my home screen on my phone and asked, “What is that?” ( It was a shirtless, very sexy Rain, btw) and all I could say was, “That’s a hot, young guy…. o.O ” Just remember….he also knows who you are and how to get to your house!! Hahahhaaaa
    That is one mighty nice picture of Mike.~~ and yes, I remember you mentioning him before, but am foggy as to who I was drooling over that particular week! Having just watched DBY, I am sure I will get to more in time….

    • “My pedinoona factor is somewhat off the charts thanks to your bad influence!” AAAhahahahahahahaha! It’s the magic of the flower boys, no matter what country 🙂 When you get ready to watch another Mike He drama, you NEED to watch Sunny Happiness!

  4. I finally found Devil Beside You in You Tube but have yet to find all h

    • Have yet to find all his other dramas. I have Hulu, DramaFever, Viki, Netflix, Amazon Prime… just no luck! Tried iTunes even… not even one song or drama, podcast, nothing! Help? Anyone?!? Would appreciate it.

      • might have some, but the quality won’t be great. Otherwise, you may have to resort to torrents to find what you’re looking for. Viki had several of his dramas at one time, but the only one still available now is Spring Love, his most recent drama (he was just as adorably cute as always, but the drama wasn’t near as good as Sunny Happiness or Devil).

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