Currently Airing: That Winter, the 똥 Hit the Fan

That Winter Poster

I fell behind in my weekly watching of That Winter, the Wind that Blows and just caught up today.  Well, almost caught up.  I’m waiting for the subs to reach 100% at Viki so I can watch ep 13.  Spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you object to such.
Between eps 10, 11, and 12, I almost called this That Winter, when Everyone Gets Beat Up. (Thank you semi-fly, HeadsNo2, and kaedejun over on Twitter for getting me started.)  Oh Soo and Jin Sung both get beat up by Moo Chul; Jin Sung gets beaten to a pulp by President Kim’s goons; Oh Soo beats up the eye doctor that lied about Young’s condition when she was a child.  Sheesh.

For a while I was truly confused by Secretary Wang.  She’s so dang convincing at times that she truly cares for and wants the best for Young, that I almost forget the things I know about her that say otherwise.

I’m guessing here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the drama is leading up to Oh Soo being Sec. Wang’s son, and that her obsession with Young is a result of her guilt over abandoning him.  We’ll see.

And can I say how glad I am that Young now knows the truth?  That Oh Soo is not her brother, and that her brother is actually deceased.  And while I’m at it, I hope So Ra falls off a cliff.  I’ll help.

Lee Soon Shin 1

I’ve had the family drama You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin on my radar for a while.  The 50 episode length is a bit intimidating, but my love for Jo Jung Suk is stronger.  Plus I’m a fan of Yoo In Ah, and I really liked IU in Dream High.  The story sounds fun, so even if it’s a bit slow to develop because of all the eps, I think that watching it weekly will make the length bearable.

Happiness of an Angel Poster

Thanks to Koala, King Flower aka Substitute Princess is now on my watch list.  But what I’m REALLY looking out for is Ming Dao’s next drama, Happiness of an Angel.  If anyone knows when it’s supposed to air, please let me know!  From the synopsis it sounded like a mashup of Sunny Happiness and Prince/Frog, but I discovered that it’s supposed to be a remake of the Kdrama Thank You – which has also been added to my watch list.  *sigh*  I need more hours in my days.


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