Flower Boy Next Door Ep 11

Guh…this show….

This episode was awesome in so many ways, but the last few minutes erased my thoughts on everything that had gone on before.  (spoiler warning)

FBND E11 01

Enrique finds out that Dok Mi is moving…his hurt is palpable.

FBND E11 02

Dok Mi finally has the courage (and desperation) to express her true feelings.

FBND E11 03

The Confession!  She likes him!  A lot!

FBND E11 04

He’s stunned by her confession, but I think he’s a bit upset about her spiel that he can forget everything and go back to being the way he was, and she’ll work on getting out of her apartment and they’ll both be fine – implying being fine *separately*.

FBND E11 05

I think he knows what it cost her to be honest and open about her feelings, but now that they’re out, he’s not going to let her take them back.

FBND E11 06

THE KISS!!!!!!!!!!

FBND E11 07


Notice his clenched jaw?  And those tears?  as;ldkjfaklsjdhgfasldsfdaklsjdfhf SO MANY FEELS!!!!!!!

Is it tomorrow yet???????


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