Drama Thoughts: Full House Take 2 (Kdrama, 2012)

Full House 2

I went into this drama expecting the worst.  I mean really…based on the promo pics and those hairstyles, I expected a train wreck of the worst kind.  What I got was a light and fluffy drama with a bit of a You’re Beautiful vibe.

The bad: terrible lip-syncing, bad fashion choices (a necklace made of stuffed teddy bears?  Really?), too much shouting.  Come to think of it, the yelling is one of the main gripes I had about the original Full House.  Notice I didn’t list the hair.  That’s because once I became invested in the story, I really didn’t care about the hair.  It wasn’t great, but neither did I think it was as horrific as a lot of people bemoaned.

The good: No Min Woo.  OMG is that man gorgeous.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look for yourself:

No Min Woo 6 No Min Woo 7

I’ve only seen him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and he was pretty much wasted as the emo vet/half supernatural something that was never explained.  Not that this role was Oscar-winning or anything, but it definitely showed me a little more of his acting chops than Gumiho.  I definitely won’t look at him the same next time I rewatch MGIAG.  I also adored Man Ok’s spunkiness.  And Go Dong was abso-freaking adorable!!  Can I have my own Go Dong?

This is one of those dramas where you check your brain at the door.  Plot holes abound, too many to count.  But somehow I found myself enjoying it and I cared about the characters.  Think I’ll keep this one.


2 responses to “Drama Thoughts: Full House Take 2 (Kdrama, 2012)

  1. I didn’t watch this show only because the hair style was a total turn off….
    hahahaha@a necklace made of stuffed teddy bears….seriously!! 😀

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