Currently Airing: Flower Boy Next Door

Episodes Completed: 6 of 16

Park Shin Hye is knocking it out of the park as Dok Mi.  Enrique is too adorable for words.  Jin Rok…er, this is a public blog.  Some things are best left private.

It’s amazing to me how hair styles and clothes – and being in character of course – affects my perception of an actor or actress, especially when it’s my first time seeing them.  Take for example, Yoon Shi Yoon:

Yoon Shi Yoon 1

How can you not want to pinch those cheeks?  Then this week I discovered that this adorableness is also this hotness:

Yoon Shi Yoon 2

Not only was I floored that this was the same actor, but I also found out he’s like 28 freakin’ years old!  His appearance in FBND combined with the way he acts – I seriously thought he was like 22, 23 tops.  Hah!  Shows what I know.  Not that I’m complaining, except he’s that much closer to military service *tears*.

I adore this show for its simplicity and heart.  I get Dok Mi.  My 8th grade year was hell; bullied by classmates, mocked for wearing outdated clothes, sneered at because I always had my nose in a book…I could’ve retreated into my shell, but I chose to conform to the crowd instead.

I’ve noticed that with each interaction, Dok Mi gets a little braver when facing Do Hwi.  From the first time when she was so anxious she fainted, to the second time when she screwed up enough courage to talk back, to this third time when she faced her and flat-out refused Do Hwi’s pretense of friendship.

Enrique’s presence in her life is drawing her out, but I also think that Jin Rok’s attempts to talk to her, letting her know that she’s not invisible, are also helping.


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