Drama Thoughts: Someday (2006)

*Note: I’ve had a LiveJournal account for some time, but all I mainly use it to post on other LJs.  I did write three drama reviews, though, and I’ve decided to copy them to this blog.  This is the first one.


This drama went on my watch list a while back when I saw a comment that said it was the closest thing in Korean dramas to the TW drama Mars.  I LOVE Mars.  Mars is awesome.  So I knew I had to give this drama a try.

Sorry to say, but the only resemblence Someday had to Mars was that there was tragedy in the male lead’s background, and how the overall story was simply about two people falling in love and fighting the odds to be together.  Hana also had scars from issues in her childhood, but it was nothing compared to what Qi Lou endured.  So yeah, whoever made that comment was stretching it a bit.

However… in spite of my initial disappointment, I quickly found myself loving the drama for itself.  Like others have noted, Someday has an artsy, indie vibe – which may have something to do with the female lead (Bae Doo Na as Yamaguchi Hana) being a manga artist – and the pacing seems slow at times.  In fact, it took a couple of episodes for me to really become invested in the story.

Kim Min Joon’s character Go Jin Pyo (I know it’s slightly different but I had Boys Over Flowers flashbacks every time I heard his name.  Every. Time.) got on my nerves after a while.  Playing a 30 year old psychiatrist who’s a fan of Hana’s work, he came across as one of those adults who think they know everything and know what’s best for a person, regardless of how that person feels or what they want.  His so-called love for Hana came across to me as infatuation with someone he had on a pedestal, not real love.  And his repeated attempts to separate Hana from Seok Man irritated me to no end, especially toward the end.

I loved Lee Jin Wook’s portrayal of Lee Seok Man.  It was great to see him in his younger days and I want to see him as lead in more dramas.  He was very convincing as a young man carrying the guilt of not only the loss of his family, but another family’s loss of their only son.  And on that note, how awesome were those parents?  They didn’t blame Seok Man, they tried to help him, even to the point of claiming him as their son.  I cried buckets at that point.

Oh Yoon Ah’s character Hye Young was a refreshing change from jealous ex-girlfriends who plot and manipulate.  She’s in love with Jin Pyo, but instead of trying to backstab and such, she remained his friend, and remained friendly with Hana and Seok Man through it all.

A lovely part of the drama was that each episode ended with the final scene morphed into a manga-style drawing.

Someday End Art

The ending was pretty much what I hoped it would be, so this drama goes into the keep pile.

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