Asian Drama Addiction: The Beginning – Discovering Japanese Dramas

I discovered Japanese dramas quite by accident.  I was searching for manga scanlations when I came across a video of a “live action” adaptation of a manga.  Curiosity piqued, I watched it.  It was cheesy and corny and ridiculous – and I loved it.

Vampire Host
My first Jdrama – Vampire Host

I like vampires, so I thought, “Wonder if there are any more Japanese TV shows with vampires?”  Voila!

Koishite Akuma  RH Plus
Koishite Akuma                                         RH Plus

Koishite Akuma made me squall my eyes out, while RH Plus was so slow-paced I got bored and never finished it.

Then I discovered this piece of CRACK:

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Mei-chan no Shitsuji

Which led to this crush:

Mizushima Hiro 4Mizushima Hiro 2Mizushima Hiro 1
Mizushima Hiro’s fine self

Out of my obsessive need to watch everything Mizushima Hiro had been in, I followed up with:

Zettai Kareshi Hana Kimi
Zettai Kareshi                                      Hana Kimi

Tokyo Dogs  100 Scene no Koi
Tokyo Dogs                                                                          100 Scene no Koi

Beck  Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata
Beck                                      Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata

Hana Kimi introduced me to the awesomeness that is

Oguri Shun 9Oguri Shun 10Oguri Shun 11   Oguri Shun 7 Oguri Shun 6 Oguri Shun 5  Oguri Shun 8
Oguri Shun

Cause, you know, one picture just wasn’t enough.

One more for good measure:

Oguri Shun 13
Daaang *brief pause while I swoon*

I developed a sudden need to watch more Oguri Shun.  So I watched:

Hana Yori DangoBinbo DanshiMeitantei Conan
Hana Yori Dango                  Binbo Danshi                      Detective Conan

Hana Yori Dango opened my eyes to Matsumoto Jun.  Let’s try Kimi wa Petto.

Matsumoto Jun 4     Kimi wa Petto
Matsumoto Jun                        Kimi wa Petto

Wow, a Jdrama with real kissing!  Wonder if there are any more?


Kimura Takuya….I have no words for how much I adore this man and his talent….

Kimura Takuya 6 Kimura Takuya 1Kimura Takuya 4 Kimura Takuya 3

Hmmm…wonder what else I can find to watch?

Wallflower  Atashinchi no Danshi
Wallflower                                                                       Atashinchi no Danshi

Love Shuffle  Nodame CantibleLove Shuffle                                                       Nodame Cantible

Moon Lovers  Mr Brain
Moon Lovers                                                                Mr. Brain

…..and many more.

I’m sad.  I can’t find another Jdrama that interests me.  Think I’ll give Kdramas a try….

And that pretty much sums it up.  Once in a while I’ll come across an older Jdrama or even a movie that I missed.

Buzzer Beat  Long Vacation
Buzzer Beat                                                                      Long Vacation

Anego  Love Generation
Anego                                                       Love Generation

High School Debut   Lovely Complex
High School Debut                       Lovely Complex

I also keep a look out for new Jdramas or movies with my favorites or with a story that interests me.

Hungry   Bartender
Hungry!                                                            Bartender

Ouran High School Host Club   Rich Man, Poor Woman
Ouran High School Host Club      Rich Man, Poor Woman

Paradise Kiss  Bokura ga Ita
Paradise Kiss                              Bokura ga Ita Zenpen/Kouhen

And so another Asian drama addict was born.


3 responses to “Asian Drama Addiction: The Beginning – Discovering Japanese Dramas

  1. Nice post! I love K/J drama! And unfortunately I’ve been really disappointed by Japanese dramas recently (with the notable exception of Rich Man Poor Woman). I had a vaguely similar experience (and my love for Mizushima Hiro remains steadfast)

    • Mizushima Hiro, my first love 🙂 I was so thrilled to find out he’s going to be in a new movie. The story doesn’t sound like my cup o’ tea, but I’ll watch it anyway just for him. Thanks for commenting! I’ve checked out your blog – maybe your Jdrama posts will help me discover one I haven’t seen that I might like.

      • I’m quite excited by Hiro’s movie, because he looks creepy and twisted, which I love!! But at the same time I’d gobble up anything he does. I can’t believe he hasn’t been in anything for so long!! I’m glad to help! Though I have to warn you I’ve been having issues with most of the currently airing shows as well! There just aren’t that many romances out at the moment, but I do try to watch at least one each season. I’m watching Karamazov No Kyoudai right now, which is really great and dark, but I think it’s probably quite a required taste. What type of stuff is your favorite? I’m always happy to find new blogs to compare!! ^.^

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