Ddukbokki Times Two

My daughter’s friend loves to watch the videos at Eat Your Kimchi, especially the food related videos.  She saw the video about ddukbokki and has had a hankering to try some ever since.  My daughter ever-so-graciously offered to have me make some for her to try.

Here’s the thing: I’ve made several attempts at ddukbokki, with various degrees of success, but none that would make me go “Wow! I could eat this every day!”  I’ve tried four completely different recipes, hoping to find one that would let me understand why the dish is so popular.

Attempt 1: massive fail.  It was terrible.  Had to throw it out.

Attempt 2: not bad, but not awe-inspiring either.

Attempt 3: this recipe included cabbage and bacon.  Bacon makes everything better, right?  Well, it wasn’t bad but I don’t necessarily want to eat it again.

Attempt 4: So hot I could barely eat it, and it lacked the sauce I see in pictures.

After all that, you would think I’d be ready to give up, but I tried again.  Today I made two different recipes, still trying to find the one that would spark a love for ddukbokki in my heart.

And it happened!  The first one was a very basic recipe found here.  It was really good.  The second recipe is actually not ddukbokki per se, it’s called ggochi and I found the recipe here.  However, I didn’t have any skewers so I just pan fried the rice sticks separately and then tossed them in the sauce.

Omo…that second recipe…it was SO good!  That’s going to be the recipe I use from now on, cause I could seriously eat this stuff every day!

First recipe                                                       Second recipe
Ddukbokki  Ggochi

I also made another batch of kimchi jjigae for my daughter’s friend to try.  Everything got two thumbs up, so yay!


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